Zentyal Mail Server

Zentyal Server is an open source Linux small business server, released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) that can integrate fully with Microsoft Active Directory and Windows Domains including support for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.

Zentyal can deliver the key features of Microsoft Small Business Server including file and printer sharing, Microsoft Exchange features with Outlook and is a viable upgrade option for Microsoft Small Business users.
Zentyal Server requires less server resources than Microsoft Windows and Exchange Server and therefore can run happily on older Microsoft Small Business Servers that have reached end of life.

The software consists of many individual services working together so a good understanding of Unix/Linux network and server configuration is required. Zentyal is open source and absolutely FREE, but there are advantages of having a subscription. Zentyal runs on Ubuntu and updates for the O/S or other pre requisite software could potentially result in issues. Either ensure nothing is updated on a production environment without thorough testing or keep the system up to date with the commercial license.

If you have an aging Microsoft Domain nearing end of life, we can manage the migration including pre compatibility testing and migration from Exchange to Zentyal and provide ongoing support.

  • Open Source Software (Absolutely FREE)
  • Full Windows Server features
  • Small Business Server replacement
  • Full Exchange Features including mobile devices

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