Microsoft Windows Server

Most business workstations run on Microsoft operating systems and use Microsoft software products. While forced to open most protocols here are still features that can only be access using Windows Servers in particular Windows Active Directory.

Active Directory is a perfect means of managing and controlling access to network resources and Windows desktops including user profiles using domains, sites and an encrypted session ticket mechanism for authenticated logons. Linux computers can now join Windows domains and even act as fully functional domain controllers but cannot create the domains or operate without a Windows Domain controller on the network.

Active Directory is still an essential means of managing most business networks and requires a good understanding of Microsoft network services. We are experts in Active Directory since its replacement of the NT domain and work within the Microsoft Best practice guidelines. We won't just manage your Windows Servers but will help you get the most out of them through other features included that are all to often ignored such as its application server potential.

Like it or not, Microsoft Servers are not secure enough to be accessed from the Internet on any port other than SSL using a valid security certificate. If your server is accessible on any other port including port 25, your network IS at risk of attack from the Internet. There is absolutely no need for this to be the case and no loss of functionality from ensuring all other ports are locked down.

  • Active Directory is still the best solution for managing access to network resources for Windows computers
  • Windows Server has other features included in the price that most businesses are not taking advantage off
  • Windows operating systems are not secure enough to be open to the Internet and only port 443 should be open
  • There is no loss of service from locking all other ports down which is industry best practice standards
  • All too often, Windows Servers are left open to the Internet

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