Who Are BMCA Solutions?

A team of hard working individuals, who very much enjoy learning about YOUR business, in particular how technology can be of benefit to you and how we can use our knowledge to either provide you with the ideal solution or at least point you in the right direction.

BMCA Solutions is based in the CIDO Innovation centre in Craigavon and while growing year on year is managed by the following key personnel:

Brendan McAnerney
Managing Director and Service Delivery Manager
Originally from an engineering background, Brendan changed careers in the nineties gaining a computing degree and becoming a Cisco certified engineer. While managing a data centre in a high pressure competitive industry, Brendan became an expert in open source solutions and as well as supporting the usual leading vendor hardware, learned to develop secure software solutions integrating with network software and bank payment gateways to deliver more efficient and cost effective solutions.
Virtualisation plays a key role in our server solutions and Brendan is a VMware certified professional with experience delivering cloud based solutions since before the definition existed. BMCA Solutions are about using this experience to deliver unique and business specific solutions to our customers. At the moment the range of solutions is still expanding and Brendan eats, breathes and sleeps this work but his ambition is to one day have a life outside of work.

Trisha McAnerney
Finance Director and Office Administrator
Trisha was the initial Company Secretary and later as the company grew came on board to manage the accounts and business finances, keeping an eye on financial targets and budgets while providing payroll services as well as the general administration of the business.

Seamus Rogers
Business Development Manager, Hardware Technician and Service Engineer
Seamus is also from an engineering background and loves nothing more than taking technology apart and piecing together again. He is responsible for all of the reflow machines, soldering irons and electronic gizmos around the office. Working with our development team, Seamus can assist with requirements specification when discussing bespoke business specific solutions in particular within the manufacturing and engineering sectors. Seamus is often the first point of contact for existing and new customers and responsible for quality management.

Ryan Kelly
Application Developer and Service Engineer

Ryan is an Adobe Photoshop and multimedia specialist as well as application developer who can work with both open source solutions such as Work Press, Magento and Joomla as well as our own in house application framework which ships with all of our servers providing a SQL Server back end database and web front end interface.

Sue Ann Tsang
Application Developer

Sue Ann specialises in responsive web application development using css3 and html5, dynamic charting and visual reporting as well as regular backend database development. Mobile devices such as tablets support Bluetooth barcode scanners and offer excellent mobile interfaces for data collection making them ideal for engineering and manufacturing environments utilising web applications.

Donna McGlade
Cleaning Services Manager

In addition to our IT services and business solutions, we have been providing office cleaning services since 2011 which is managed by Donna. Donna has set very high standards and built a quality team who are reliable, friendly and hard working.

  • Total Data Protection
  • VMware Certified Professional
  • VMware Partner
  • Cisco Partner
  • GAMMA Partner