Secure File Sharing

Secure File Sharing is basically everything you can do with Dropbox and more, but more suitable for business external collaboration and with government grade security.

Allows folders on local computers to be synchronised using triple encryption, locally, on transfer over the Internet and again on the data centre server. Using the application or web portal interface, files and folders can be shared securely using our secure file locker software and hosted management tools.

External parties never have any access to your business network but through secure links to the File Locker portal and software synchronisation with email notifications when files have been uploaded or downloaded, you can safely send and receive large files and know when they have been received.

  • Includes a copy of our File Locker software and secure cloud storage and access portal.
  • Safely send and receive large files without compromising security policy or changing firewall or mail size rules.
  • Triple security with government grade encryption to meet strictest standards.
  • Notification and a range of collaboration and business features.

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