IT Consultancy

With a proven track record, our IT consultancy focusses on technical elements making us an ideal partner to work with financial and international consultancy houses on an associate basis.

IT Policy and Business Continuity Plan

If you are working with sensitive information and data protection and security is a concern, then an IT Policy can help make sure best practices are followed with documented procedures and documentation which can be later used in risk assessment.

A business continuity plan will document all of the equipment, software and services, allocate responsibility and outline a range of situations by severity rating with the step by step procedures to be followed with all relevant contact details, how to locate passwords, keys and asset information.

IT Audit, Security and Best Practice Review

IT Audits involve verifying or producing asset lists of equipment with a unique reference, allocating ownership and assigning value either throughout office estates or hosted in third party data centres.

Security and Best Practices are often when there is concern about security or performance problems are not being resolved. We will look at the current setup and provide written report outlining security issues, any poor configuration and where best practices have not been followed. Where performance issues are being experienced, we will provide an explanation of the cause as well as the steps required to resolve. These are normally due to vendor specific or industry best practices not being followed.

Strategic planning and Project Management

If you are considering a significant change in IT infrastructure in mid to large environments, then a strategic plan is crucial to reduce the risk of issues later which can be expensive to repair. We will listen to the direction you want the business to go, review the current infrastructure and available technology, and deliver a written report with options and recommendations including expected costs and timetable schedule.

Where the strategic plan or recommendations from infrastructure reviews are to be implemented, we can provide an experienced consultant to assist with all steps in choosing the right provider, communicating requirements and expectations, getting the best pricing, co-ordinating the implementation to avoid business disruption and a check list assessment to ensure the project has been delivered successfully.

  • Providing IT Policy and Business Continuity Plan Documentation
  • Carrying out IT Audits, Security and Best Practice Review of infrastructure
  • Strategic planning for major projects and Project Management to ensure implementation is successful and cost effective
  • Working with other consultancy firms on an associate basis to provide technical experience and valuable inputs.

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