Emergency IT Support

Without qualified staff or a professional IT Support contract, your business is taking a big risk. Is your data adequately backed up, is your network secure, who has access to your sensitive business data, is your business benefitting from technology or are you simply making the most of what you have?

If you run into problems without contract support, there is a good chance we can fix most problems that can arise and will do so on a pay as you go emergency basis. Obviously, we cannot provide guaranteed response times on a pay as you go basis and contract customers with service level agreements will have to be prioritised. The biggest risk however is from lack of professional network maintenance and best practice procedures not being followed as is often the case.

Where an engineer is required on site to resolve a problem, travel time and expense come into play. On Site support will be charged at £50 for the first hour and then £25 per hour after within the local Craigavon area for non-server level support.

Server level and business critical support will start at £75 for the first hour and then £50 per hour after. Outside of the local area, additional travel expenses will apply and should be agreed in advance.

  • Expert professional support.
  • No guaranteed response time as contract customers with service level agreements prioritised.
  • Increased risk of data loss and business disruption as best practices most likely are not being implemented.

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