Desktop Solutions

Most business desktops run Microsoft desktop. Windows 8 is appalling and not fit for business purpose. The underlying technology is sound with features to prevent data loss on crash but the interface is too touch focussed where most business desktop productivity still requires a more familiar interface.

If Microsoft are going to force us down the road of radical change to its operating system interface, then it may be time to consider a move to a Linux alternative offering a more familiar interface, FREE operating system and FREE office applications fully functional with Microsoft Office that are available.

If you prefer to stick with Windows, we recommend skipping Windows 8 and going with Windows 7 professional.

Desktop Virtualisation

Both Windows and Linux desktops can be virtualised and accessed over a network by a html5 compatible browser or thin client software meaning you can potentially access the same desktop from anywhere and on many devices.

This can be either hosted on cloud servers or on your own local server as a private cloud which is possible with today's super-fast fibre broadband. Larger environments will be best to utilise commercially supported products and employ on site staff to manage. Again, for small environments with under 25 desktops, open source software can offer the exact same delivery, can be covered with existing support and support Windows and Linux desktops.

  • Desktop virtualisation software is available open source for FREE
  • Administration is more complex but why not check if your support provider can deliver.
  • We provide open source virtualisation solutions within monthly support costs.
  • Hardware resources for servers need to be sufficient for concurrent usage but should be much cheaper than full replacement.
  • Virtual desktops can be securely accessed via web browsers over the Internet for private cloud computing in house

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