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BMCA Solutions was formed in 2010 by Brendan McAnerney after 15 years data centre level experience in the IT sector to deliver tailored IT solutions to small and medium businesses.

Brendan spent 6 years as service delivery manager for Firenet Internet, one of the very few actual Internet service providers that existed in Northern Ireland. In its heyday back in the late nineties and early 2000s, Firenet had over 2000 businesses on its web servers providing web and ecommerce solutions, over 40,000 dialup Internet access customers and peaked at over 3000 broadband DSL customers before the larger providers priced the smaller ISPs out of the market and today only a handful of larger providers provide all of the Internet delivery services. During this time, Brendan managed all of the data centre infrastructure and support staff as well as developing the billing, help desk and services management software.

Brendan then moved into consultancy and spent another 6 years at HELM Corporation during which time he provided technical consultancy services mostly in the public sectors both UK and ROI. This entailed reviewing IT infrastructure in government data centres in Belfast, Dublin and London, local councils and public bodies, producing business continuity plans and strategic DR documentation as well as hands on work developing database applications for bodies such as Enterprise Ireland and DCAL and providing project management for security and infrastructure upgrades for local councils.

It was during this time carrying out infrastructure reviews where performance was poor that he witnessed that many of the leading support companies were getting the basics wrong. Mainly due to over indulgence in sales people over service engineers, skills drainage due to key people leaving to go out on their own and poor transfer of knowledge to new staff.

BMCA Solutions was formed in 2010 to use the experience gained over the previous 15 years, starting with application developers and writing our own business management software to develop a more business focussed Total Business Solutions Company.

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